Burberry Brit vs Burberry London: Detailed Comparsion

Regardless of whether you prefer Burberry Brit Perfume or Burberry London Perfume, both scents offer a unique scent experience. Burberry Brit Perfume is a refreshing and masculine fragrance, whereas Burberry London Perfume is a luxurious and feminine fragrance. Burberry Brit Perfume has citrusy top notes, while Burberry London Perfume has floral accords. There’s something for everyone in these best Burberry perfumes for women and men, whether you’re a loyal fan or exploring luxury fragrances.

It can be difficult to choose between Burberry London vs Brit, so let’s explore a detailed comparison to help you decide which scent is best for you.



Burberry Brit vs Burberry London: Which One to Choose?

Originally released in 2006, Burberry London exudes a sense of sophistication and femininity through its floral and fruity notes, which are a blend of floral and fruity notes. In the fragrance, citrusy notes, such as grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon, start the fragrance.


Jasmine, lily of the valley, and rose to compose the perfume’s heart accord. Rich and sensual, the base notes combine warm and creamy notes, such as sandalwood, vanilla, and ambergris.

A stylish and captivating fragrance launched in 2004, Burberry Brit is a popular fragrance choice due to its refreshing and masculine scent. The fragrance opens with a blast of citrusy notes, including bergamot, lime, and lemon, which makes it a popular choice for fragrance lovers.

It also contains a blend of warm spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, that add depth and complexity to the fragrance. A blend of woody and musky ingredients creates a lingering and seductive scent at the base.




There are several similarities in Burberry Brit vs London, including:

Both perfumes are from the Burberry fragrance collection.

  • Both perfumes are suitable for men and women.
  • The base notes of both perfumes include woody and musky notes.
  • Each perfume has its unique scent that is both captivating and enticing.



It is worth noting, however, that the two perfumes have distinct differences, despite their common heritage:

  • Brit is more citrusy than Burberry London, which leans more towards fruity notes.
  • London incorporates floral accords at the heart of the fragrance, while Burberry Brit features warming spices.
  • In general, Burberry Brit is seen as more masculine and seductive, while London is seen as more elegant and feminine.


Burberry London Perfume


Fragrance Notes

Featuring a blend of sweet tobacco leaf, cinnamon, pepper, port wine, and leather, Burberry London presents a dark and masculine fragrance. In the opening, the tobacco note plays a prominent role, creating a rich and complex introduction. The opening is a spicy symphony with a boozy edge.

While Brit is less smooth at first, the fragrance develops into a cleaner fragrance with the addition of ginger notes. The opening is characterized by wild rose, nutmeg, and green mandarin orange, evoking a green and powdery vibe.

Burberry Brit Burberry London
Top Notes: Green almonds, icy pear, and Italian lime are blended to create a fresh and vibrant fragrance. Top Notes: An aromatic scent begins with cinnamon leaves and bergamot, setting a rich and spicy tone.
Middle Notes: A floral heart is adorned with sugared almonds and lush peony, adding a touch of sweet and floral beauty. Middle Notes: Leather and mimosa add a touch of luxury, enhancing the fragrance’s depth and complexity.
Base Notes: Vanilla, amber, mahogany, and balsamic tonka bean round out the scent, leaving an inviting trail. Base Notes: With lingering notes of tobacco leaves, guaiac wood, oakmoss, and opoponax, the scent evolves into a warm and comforting blend.


It is no surprise that both London and Brit possess excellent longevity, staying in the 6-8 hour range. Their performances remain consistent, with neither fragrance uniquely superior. Both fragrances linger, offering a lasting olfactory experience.

Burberry Brit Burberry London
In addition to its moderate longevity, Burberry Brit offers a pleasant scent that accompanies you throughout the day. For those who prefer a fragrance that lingers, Burberry London is ideal, especially at night.


A heavier fragrance emanates from London, pushing it on the upper edge of moderate. Despite its softer nature, Brit maintains a moderate projection, ensuring a noticeable presence without becoming overpowering. The combination of cinnamon, pepper, and tobacco creates a scent that stands out.

Burberry Brit Burberry London
With Burberry Brit, you’ll enjoy a subtle aura that won’t overpower, but will leave a lovely impression. Burberry London features strong projection, making it a statement fragrance that makes a statement.  


Burberry Brit



Burberry Brit Burberry London
A sweet and powdery aroma characterizes Burberry Brit, offering a versatile profile suitable for many occasions. For those who prefer a fragrance with an assertive and distinctive character, Burberry London exudes a robust and spicy scent.

Packaging and Bottle Design

Burberry Brit Burberry London
Symbolizing contemporary elegance and charm, Burberry Brit’s packaging features the iconic checkered pattern. Embracing timeless sophistication, Burberry London opts for smooth and classic designs.


Season and Gender

With London’s darker, spicier essence, this scent lends itself to romantic evening wear. Both colognes are versatile choices for autumn/winter. With its fresh and powdery notes, Brit suits casual occasions and cold winter days. In the evening wear category, London is more masculine, whereas Brit holds its own with its dynamic and fresh allure.

Burberry Brit Burberry London
The Burberry Brit is a versatile option for both men and women, suitable for all seasons. Designed for fall and winter, Burberry London appeals to those who appreciate a warmer scent.


It relatively comes at the same price, which is around $100 – $110 for a 100-ml bottle. Although Burberry offers luxury perfumes that are somehow expensive, some Burberry perfumes under $50 are pocket-friendly.



Your choice of fragrance becomes a signature that reflects your unique style. Take into account your lifestyle, everyday activities, and inherent scent preferences. It is up to you what you wish to do with your olfactory journey that determines whether you choose Burberry Brit or Burberry London. The timeless elegance of London or the contemporary allure of Brit provides a sensory experience that complements your taste no matter which fragrance you choose.

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